Working together

Working together

Portrait of Sophie Roche

Meet our partner Sophie Roche

Deputy Director of Convergence France

What projects is Convergence France working on?

We are working on spinning out Convergence via an innovative program of support, particularly in healthcare, for people in situations of extreme exclusion. By getting people back to work through an integration process, we can set in motion a global dynamic impacting all areas of difficulty. Through Convergence, the job integration project can aid people who have not previously had access to such support. To this end, Convergence France is also behind the roll-out of a First Hours Scheme, which enables homeless people or those in very precarious accommodation to gradually get back to work.

What do you expect from a partner?

Apart from financial support, we want a partner to be involved in the life of the project, for example by participating in the steering committees. We also expect a partner to act as a relay to promote the project, and be more operationally involved by linking to other actors. It is equally important that our partner knows how to listen and understand how to provide the most appropriate support.

How does the Sanofi Espoir Foundation help you?

The Foundation enables us to mobilize additional resources to support people facing a range of difficulties, including health problems. This involves forging links with other players, and helping to jointly create new solutions and broad awareness-raising actions, particularly among public actors, in order to shake things up. But I would say that what truly characterizes our relationship with the Sanofi Espoir Foundation are the immense trust it places in us, and the lasting nature of our partnership. Being able to project yourself over the long term when you are a project leader is absolutely vital.


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