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Vulnerable population in france

Supporting the life-paths of the most vulnerable population groups in France

A collective, interdisciplinary action

Vulnerability is inseparable from all the aspects of an individual's life-path (social and collective relations, housing, health, well-being, education, training, employment, etc.) and should be understood as a plurality. That is why we are committed to creating a collective, interdisciplinary action line to build a global form of support for individuals, respecting the entire range of specificities of each person (culture, origin, handicap, etc.).

Towards a Vulnerabilities Institute

As a result of our coordination, resource-pooling, and cooperation work, we are working with our private and public partners on a networked project. Our priority beneficiaries are the most vulnerable populations - homeless people, people without rights, refugees, and similar. Ultimately, we aim to create an Institute of Vulnerabilities, a laboratory of ideas and actions where we can discuss problems, build common solutions, and share best practices.

"Success depends on coordinated support. This means being able to deal with closely-linked issues to help vulnerable individuals regain their autonomy and find their place in society.” - Amélie Moritz, Progam Manager

2010 - 2020:

  • 39 projects
  • 141,617 recipients of medical actions

List of our projects


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