Distribution of food to refugees

Families in health crises

Supporting families during health crises

Global assistance

During humanitarian crises, those affected find themselves in situations of extreme vulnerability where everything is lacking (access to healthcare, housing, food, security, education, etc.). Such situations demand immediate action but long-term relief is also needed. That is why we try to combine our response to the emergency with global support over the longer term.

Women and children - the first victims of crises

Whether it is natural disasters, conflict or displacement, we are committed to respond to humanitarian emergencies and silent crises in many countries around the world. With a special focus on women and children, the first victims of these crises.
In 2017 we signed a cooperation agreement with the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. Within this framework, we act in tandem with other French foundations and companies.
Our responses can take the form of financial donations to specialized NGOs or donations of medicines, thanks to our partnership with the Tulipe association or via Sanofi subsidiaries.

“Within the framework of the agreement signed with the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, we act in conjunction with other French foundations and companies. We also coordinate the aid provided in the field.” - Amélie Moritz, Program Manager

2010 - 2020:

  • 49 countries benefiting from emergency actions
  • 23 partner organizations

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