James Mollison exhibition

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation’s My Child Matters program was launched in 2005 with the goal of giving all children with cancer, wherever they live around the world, the same opportunities to access quality care according to international recommendations. It results in the provision of expertise through an international network of committed professionals, and financial support.

For the “My Child Matters” exhibition, James Mollison photographed some of the children in My Child Matters projects in Senegal, Paraguay, Colombia, Thailand, and Morocco. Taken in hospitals and patients’ homes, these pictures show the realities and the faces, and tell the stories that lie behind the word “cancer.” They are portraits of children and their families whose lives have been forever changed, but who, thanks to their commitment, energy and to My Child Matters, have been given their best chance of combatting this disease.

James Mollison was born in Kenya in 1973 and grew up in England. After studying Art and Design at Oxford Brookes University, and later film and photography at Newport School of Art and Design, he moved to Italy. His work has been widely published throughout the world including by Colors, The New York Times Magazine, the Guardian magazine, The Paris Review, GQ, New York Magazine and Le Monde.

Aner Alejandro and Alba Maria, Colombia
Meryem, Morocco
Josema and Zenny, Paraguay
Maram and Nianga, Senegal
Abdul and Malick, Senegal
Salla and Racky, Senegal

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