Books and articles

Books and articles

Improving access to care for the most vulnerable population in France

La santé des familles : accès aux soins et précarité - Etude CASP (in French)

La santé des femmes migrantes en situation de précarité - CASP article (in French)

États généraux des vulnérabilités en France - Livre blanc (in French)

Fighting childhood cancers in low-income countries

Cancer Control Francophone 2021 (in French)

My Child Matters: An initiative of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation - Cancer Control 2020

African School of Pediatric Oncology Initiative
Implementation of a Pediatric Oncology Diploma Program to Address Critical Workforce Shortages in French-Speaking Africa – Journal of Global Oncology - 2019

Childhood cancer survival disparities in a universalized health system in Cali, Colombia 
Pediatric Hematology Oncology Journal - 2019

Treatment of retinoblastoma in Sub-Saharan Africa
Experience of the paediatric oncology unit at Gabriel Toure Teaching Hospital and the Institute of African Tropical Ophthalmology, Bamako, Mali – Wiley Pediatric Blood and Cancer - 2017

Improving maternal and newborn health

Accelerating Women-centered Local Action and Increasing Impact to Stop Preventable Maternal & Newborn Deaths in Low- and Middle -Income Countries: Case-study in Senegal - World journal of Public Health

Effect of Midwifery Emergency Skills and Respectful Maternity Care Workshops on Health Outcomes and Midwife Practices - CAM-TAMA report

WHO SMART guidelines: optimising country-level use of guideline recommendations in the digital age - Lancet Digital Health 2021

Strengthening Midwifery Education in the French Speaking Africa Region - International Confederation of Midwives - 2021

Conception d’un modèle opérationnel pour élaborer et mettre en œuvre une intervention numérique destinée à la prise en charge de la santé maternelle et infantile par les professionnels de santé au Sénégal (in French) - 2020

Building a Digital Tool for the Adoption of the World Health Organization’s Antenatal Care Recommendations: Methodological Intersection of Evidence, Clinical Logic, and Digital Technology - Journal of Medical Internet Research 2020

Globalization and Health - Stronger together: midwifery twinning between Tanzania and Canada – BMC 2019

Qualitative Evidence Synthesis (QES) for Guidelines: Paper 1 - Using qualitative evidence synthesis to inform guideline scope and develop qualitative findings statements – August 2019

Qualitative Evidence Synthesis (QES) for Guidelines: Paper 2 - Using qualitative evidence synthesis findings to inform evidence-to-decision frameworks and recommendations – August 2019

Qualitative Evidence Synthesis (QES) for Guidelines: Paper 3 - Using qualitative evidence syntheses to develop implementation considerations and inform implementation processes – August 2019

Adopting digital technology in midwifery practice - experiences and perspectives from six projects in eight countries (2014 – 2016) - Journal of the International Society for Telemedicine and Ehealth – 2018


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