The French Foundations Committee for the Reception and Integration of Refugees and migrants is launching a pilot language-teaching project in Corrèze (Central France)

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  • With the support of the French IFRI's Observatory on Immigration and Asylum
  • Jointly developed by the Ligue de l'enseignement and its partners

The Foundations Committee for the Reception and Integration of Refugees and Migrants announces the launch of a pilot project for the teaching of French as a foreign language (FLE) in the Corrèze region (SW center) of France with the aim of boosting the personal and professional insertion of program beneficiaries. Initiated by the Sanofi Espoir Foundation, this committee has since 2018 brought together a dozen corporate foundations and endowment funds (The Adecco Group, BNP Paribas, Vision For Life Essilor Fund, Generali The Human Safety Net, SNCF, SUEZ, and TotalEnergies) that support projects in France dedicated to actions to help solve immigration, asylum and integration issues.

Drawing on the field study carried out by the Observatory of Immigration and Asylum of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), the Foundations Committee is financing a mobile French language teaching service that factors in the background of exiled persons, their language level, mobility and professional integration needs. This project aims to step up synergies between associations, foundations, and local institutions, and complements existing actions in the area.

A mobile team will offer training to 230 beneficiaries, focusing particularly on women and young people aged 16-25. Designed by a consortium of 11 associations and supported by the Ligue de l'enseignement - FAL 19, this project and will be rolled out across the locality to deliver a 6 to 12 months course, including individual and group lessons, as well as cultural outings. The Corrèze region has been identified due to the presence of exiles with various statuses and a highly effective collaboration between associations, civil society, local representatives, and public authorities.

This pilot project has been supported by the foundations Sanofi Espoir, The Adecco Group, BNP Paribas, Vision For Life Essilor Fund, SNCF, SUEZ, and TotalEnergies.

About the Committee of Foundations for the Reception and Integration of Refugees and Migrants
The Committee of Foundations for the Reception and Integration of Refugees and Migrants is part of the growing drive since 2015 among companies and corporate foundations to address the issue of migrant and refugee populations. The aim is to boost dialog and coordination between Foundations on this complex, multidimensional issue, and also to share best practices and knowledge in different focus missions (health, education, professional integration, gender, extreme social exclusion).

About the Observatory on Immigration and Asylum
In 2018, IFRI's Center for Migration and Citizenship launched the Immigration and Asylum Observatory to analyze and monitor the profound changes in the French asylum and immigration landscape. The Observatory aims to create a unique and unprecedented forum for exchanges between asylum and immigration stakeholders. The program is aimed at NGOs, associations, national institutions, local authorities, philanthropic foundations and companies. It also aims to promote participation among citizens, refugees and migrants in its activities and in the debates and policies that impact them.

About the consortium of associations led by the Ligue de l'enseignement - FAL 19
The consortium brings together 11 associations located across the Corrèze region and working with exiles in reception, accommodation and support for asylum applications, care for unaccompanied minors, integration through economic activity and professional training for refugees. It comprises the Association for the Prefiguration of the Brive Basin regional authority, the Le Roc Association, the Chemins Singuliers Association, the Association for the development and education of roads and mobility assistance (ADER mobilité), the Association for the safeguarding of childhood and adolescence in Corrèze (ASEAC), the Don Bosco Institute, Forum Réfugiés COSI, Maitrise de la Langue et Aide Personnalisée (MLAP), A tout venant - Ressourcerie gaillarde and Viltaïs. By virtue of the complementary expertise provided by these associations, they are able to respond effectively to the needs of the people supported in this pilot project.


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