Humanitarian emergencies: the Sanofi Espoir Foundation makes new commitments in France and Latin America

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The Sanofi Espoir Foundation is stepping up its efforts to help people in vulnerable situations in France and Latin America. The Foundation is supporting the French Red Cross in its project to engage inside informal living areas for migrants in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon, addressing primary food, hygiene and health needs. In addition, through its joint action with the association Dons Solidaires, some 180,000 masks and 25,000 bottles of hydroalcoholic gel have already been distributed to partner structures.

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation is also supporting the Union des étudiants exilés (Exiled Students Union), which is developing an art therapy initiative for refugee students. Noting the serious consequences of COVID on their psychological health, the association has created a support space so that these students express and share problems caused by the health crisis and isolation.

In Lyon, the Foundation is working with Alynea and the Entreprise des Possibles, which will set up a shelter for 35 pregnant women or those leaving the maternity ward with no housing solution. The center is scheduled to open in November and will provide comprehensive care for women and their babies, including health, well-being, rights, and assistance with parenthood.

In Latin America, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation is involved in Colombia alongside Medical Teams in a project that involves migrants in community health actions ("peer mediators"). The aim is to develop a comprehensive program (basic care, maternal health, and links with existing health structures) for Venezuelans who have found refuge in the Santa Marta region in northern Colombia. The aid provided should benefit nearly 6,000 people.

Finally, in Venezuela, the Foundation is continuing its partnership with AVESSOC in the field of medical care and primary and mental health consultations. After twelve health “days” organized last year for ten communities, AVESSOC is targeting fifteen “days” this year for fifteen communities living in the states of Miranda, District Capital, Táchira and Zulia.

In 2020, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation responded to humanitarian emergencies in thirteen countries, through projects benefiting over 1.2 million people.


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