Senegal: the Sanofi Espoir Foundation and Santé en Entreprise extend their partnership

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The Sanofi Espoir Foundation is extending its partnership with Santé en Entreprise (SEE) in Senegal. After the launch of a first health caravan at the end of 2020, the Foundation and SEE will roll out three caravans in the Saint-Louis region in 2021. The program will be organized in collaboration with the Senegalese national authorities, the Saint-Louis medical region, and the Rawal ak Diam platform.

These health caravans are tasked with conducting family planning activities and screening for diseases that are risk factors for complications during pregnancy or that affect the fetus. They will also incorporate lessons learned from 2020 by optimizing the duration of the health journey so that more women can participate, and trying to reach out to more young girls. The goal is also to ensure that using remote diagnosis kits becomes part of the public health approach and to make the system fully sustainable.

In November 2020, a first caravan was rolled out at six sites in the department of Saint-Louis to promote maternal health and multi-disease screening. It offered a range of prevention and screening services for gynecological cancers, diabetes, hypertension, HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and viral hepatitis B and C. This first campaign resulted in nearly a thousand screenings.


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