Northern Iraq: the Sanofi Espoir Foundation supports the project of the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation is strengthening its cooperation with Dr. Denis Mukwege. As part of the response to humanitarian emergencies, it announces that is supporting the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner’s foundations (Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation and Panzi Foundation DRC) in their project to step up care for survivors of sexual violence linked to armed conflict in northern Iraq. The program is also backed by the NGO Yazda, which supports the Yezidi ethno-religious minority and other vulnerable populations. It will be deployed in the Dohuk and Sinjar regions, where an estimated 3,000 people are the victims of wartime sexual violence.

This collaborative project is based on a South-to-South knowledge exchange, and the provision of holistic care, including:

  • medical care
  • psychosocial support
  • legal assistance
  • socio-economic assistance

The project will involve a transfer of knowledge for managing cases of sexual violence between specialists from Panzi Hospital (DRC) and teams from Yazda. It also provides for the establishment of a one-stop shop for survivors of sexual slavery and various forms of conflict-related sexual violence living in camps for displaced persons.

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation has been supporting the Panzi Foundation since 2017. This organization operates mainly through the Panzi Hospital, built in 1999 and located in Bukavu, in the south of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The hospital is known for its expertise in gynecological pathologies, in particular reproductive disorders and injuries due to sexual violence as well as the holistic treatment of survivors.


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