Corporate Foundations Commit to Overseas France

This is a first for us. And we're very proud of it. Through this Forum, we wish to demonstrate our commitment alongside the French state to supporting innovation, solidarity and creativity among all Overseas French citizens who have expressed their attachment to the future of their territories.

Buil together the future of Overseas France

Under the impetus of the President of the Republic, the authority of the Prime Minister, and with Annick GIRARDIN's involvement, the Government is giving us the opportunity to participate in this joint effort. It means that we are acting on behalf of Overseas French territories. And acting for France.

The world's second-largest maritime space.
Brazil, Canada, South Africa, and Australia are all neighboring countries.
80% of our biodiversity, the 17 sustainable development objectives as a template for transformation.
Adapting to climate change, a new model of agriculture, new Polar sea routes.
A common history of challenges and crises, talents and solutions.

Overseas France accounts for more than 2.7 million fellow citizens who play a full part in our diverse identity. These are citizens deeply anchored in their century: they are perhaps the bellwethers of tomorrow's changes, the first witnesses of the imbalances that threaten their societies. As well as being the primary actors in developing their territories.

Project leaders who need support, innovative sectors to be developed, solutions to be tested in the fields of the blue economy, sustainable tourism, energy transition and digital transformation.

The Overseas France Conference has enabled all French overseas territories to openly express their expectations and ideas about the future of their countries. Actors from government institutions, civil society and the business world have worked together for eight months to table some 2,000 projects. Two thousand projects deeply grounded in reality. Projects that meet citizens' aspirations. All designed to promote France's influence.

Corporate foundations are supporting this initiative. Because they express their company's responsibility towards the society around them and the citizens who live in it, Foundations are responding enthusiastically to this dynamic initiated by the French Republic for its overseas territories.

For example, all the signatory foundations of our Forum are committed to appraising the selected projects stemming from the Conference, meeting promoters with the most convincing synergy potential, and contributing to the events and work load, as well as the transformation and innovation forums that will be set up in the territories. In our own areas of expertise - access to education and culture, fighting illiteracy, vocational training, access to health, social integration, new information technologies, and protecting the environment and biodiversity - we shall support the successful implementation of these projects, each according to our specific capacities. Our engagement will constantly demonstrate our unwavering commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

An initial meeting will take place this autumn in Paris with the Forum des Projets des outre-mer (French Overseas Projects Forum). This represents the first operational step in this ambitious and innovative alliance between corporate foundations and government departments for the future of Overseas France.

France is a large country with territories extending over three oceans - the Atlantic, the Indian and the Pacific. It is open, supportive and singular in its capacity to encompass such far flung communities as French Guiana and Martinique, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon and Reunion Island, New Caledonia and Wallis-et-Futuna. The companies whose values we embrace share fully in this global identity.

This is the reason why we, as corporate foundations acting together as the Foundations Alliance, are committed to the future of French overseas citizens and the development of their territories. 

Air France, Bic, Carrefour, Clud Med, EDF, ELLE, France Télévisions, Gecina, Groupama, KPMG, La Poste, Orange, RATP, Sanofi Espoir, Solidarity AccorHotels, Suez, Unilever (in french)


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