“VULNERABILITIES AND LIFE PATHS IN FRANCE " Day A declaration for the States General June 19, 2018

Convinced of the value of the global approach to individual human beings, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation wishes to support its partners in a discussion about practices, pooling efforts and co-building projects to improve the efficiency of actions targeting the most vulnerable members of society.

The Foundation has therefore organized a day devoted to “VULNERABILITIES AND LIFE PATHS IN FRANCE" on June 19, with four goals:

  • Catalyzing and bringing together all players (NGOs, associations, corporate foundations, public authorities) to support the most vulnerable members of the population in France.
  • Launching collective ideas on supporting the most vulnerable members of the population in France in order to identify synergies and combine efforts.
  • Identify new projects that have been collectively developed by conference attendees and establish a representative program in France around the theme of "Migrants".
  • Raise awareness throughout the ecosystem and indirectly among government institutions about the creation of a Vulnerabilities Institute.

The originality of this conference is to bring together upstream both participants in the field and public institutions with the aim of developing joint projects.

Since January, six cross-cutting themes* have been identified and discussed in workshops led by the Foundation’s partner associations.

  • 40 associations involved in thematic workshops (ADSF, Apprentis d’Auteuil, Comede, Red Cross, Emmaüs défi, Gynécologie sans frontières, Intermed, Le Filon, Maison des femmes, Samusocial de Paris, Solipam, etc.
  • And committed public players (ARS, CRAMIF, CPAM, APHP, Gonesse Hospital, etc.)
  • 17 work meetings from January to June 2018 with strong commitment and positive feedback

Those who contributed in these workshops will share the results of their work during the conference to raise awareness among participants and benefit from their varied types of expertise and experience with the aim of clarifying and co-building the projects submitted and/or identifying new ones.

If you wish to attend this event, please email us at: fondationsanofiespoir@sanofi.com

* Six thematic workshops: "Comprehensive, desegregated approach to individuals", "Reaching-out healthcare", "Adapting care provision and geographical continuity", "Socio-cultural mediation and interpretation", "Transferring innovation into common law", "Health as a key pillar of social inclusion"


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