Improving the health of women and children in a camp in Iraqi Kurdistan - 6 months later

As part of its response to humanitarian emergencies, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation has been supporting a six-month project led by Première Urgence Internationale (PUI) to improve the health of women and children in the Bardarash camp in the Governorate of Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan.

group of children in camp bardarash

Throughout the year 2015, the camp’s population increased significantly due to increased violence in neighboring countries, and healthcare requirements have grown considerably. Onsite services were no longer able to ensure the very high demand, and it also became necessary to establish a special action for pregnant women and mothers with very young children.

group of children in camp bardarash

In all, 11 409 people have been helped by the project, which means about 2 200 families.

Several activities have been carried out:

  • Strengthening the medical team and staff training: health professionals have been recruited to manage the health center and register patients, along with a woman doctor to facilitate access to care for women in the camp. These recruitments have helped to improve the consultation rate, which now averages 2,176 per month.
  • Managing the health center and providing primary health care: open 6 days out of 7 with a permanent 24h/7 service, the health center provides consultations, treatments from the pharmacy, care by nurses, as well as a ‘Mother and Child' area. Vaccination and nutrition monitoring activities have also been implemented.
  • The collection, analysis and sharing of epidemiological data in order to prevent epidemics.
  • The evaluation and improvement of knowledge about the population concerning health and hygiene issues through door to door visits and awareness-raising by community health workers. Sessions on maternal and child health have been set up for groups of pregnant and lactating women. During the six-month duration of the project, 12,321 visits were made.
  • Development of activities related to feeding newborns and young children so as to develop best nutritional, hygiene and health practices. A total of 230 women participated in these activities, and 229 birth kits were distributed to pregnant women.

group of children in camp bardarash

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