My Child matters results highlighted during the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit

The key results of 10 years of successful international collaboration within My child matters initiative in the Philippines to fight against childhood cancer were presented by the Sanofi Espoir Foundation and its partners during the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit, which gathered 250 leaders from UN agency partners, Ministries of Health, international cancer and non-communicable disease (NCD) organisations, academia and the private sector, in Istanbul on November 17-18.

Affiche Solidarité en faveur des réfugiés

Co-chaired by Prof. Tezer KUTLUK, President of the International Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and Caty FORGET, Managing Director of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation, the session highlighted the testimonies of Janette GARIN, Secretary of the Philippines ministry of Health, Dr Julius LECCIONES, Executive Director and Dr Kathyrine PASCUAL from the Philippine Children's Medical Center, Alexander Padilla, President of the Philhealth and Dr Angelita SIEVERT-FERNANDEZ from the Kyte Foundation.

In the Philippines, an archipelago of thousands of islands, access to care remain a huge challenge for poor families, in particular for those living in remote areas, increasing the vicious cycle of “disease – poverty”, and as consequence two-thirds of the children arrive at the Manila hospital too late.

Thanks to this 10 Years collaboration and mobilization of all the stakeholders from the civil society to the Ministry of Health, the Philippines Children's Medical Center in Manila has become a national reference center with a rate of late diagnosis reduced from 70% to 30% and a survival rate improved from 20% to 78%.


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