Supporting the refugees

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation, the Sanofi Group and its employees mobilize

Due to the increasing violence and intensification of conflicts in the Middle East, the number of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Yemen continues to grow. After four years of war, 11.7 million Syrians have been driven from their country, more than half the total population. Added to this are 4.1 million Iraqi refugees and thousands more who are displaced, fleeing the region’s unstable and dangerous areas and countries, such as Yemen.

Migration map

According to the European agency Frontex, more than 500,000 men, women and children were counted at Europe’s borders in the first eight months of the year, with 156,000 people in the month of August alone.

Faced with the influx of migrants at the gates of Europe, several countries have indicated that they would welcome a given number of refugees, pending a common European decision. France has announced that it will accept 24,000 migrants over two years, including 1,000 on an emergency basis.

A call for donations has been launched for Sanofi employees in France.

In addition to the matching of the employees’ donations, an exceptional donation of EUR 500,000 has been released by the Group to support health projects of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation’s partners in France and globally.

The Foundation is providing support to associations who are present on the ground, closest to the refugee populations.


For several months now, as part of its humanitarian emergencies response program, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation has been providing financial aid to its partners on the ground in Iraq, Yemen and at the gates of Europe (Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and Serbia) for an amount of EUR 110,000.

  • Bardarash refugee camp, Iraq: lThe Foundation supports Première Urgence Internationale at the camp located in the Bardarash district, home to nearly 10,000 people, to implement medical support, provide primary care and promote good health practices. Read more
  • Yemen: The Foundation contributes to the READY Emergency Fund set up by the French Red Cross, to improve living conditions for refugees by providing hygiene kits, shelters and food. Read more
  • Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey and Greece: The Foundation supports the non-governmental organization (NGO) WAHA in implementing medical support at the arrival points and the refugee camps, including provision of primary, gynecological and pediatric care in partnership with local NGOs.

Besides this, a number of affiliates, such as Turkey, Hungary, Greece, UAE, Lebanon and Jordan have donated 2 million of medicines boxes to NGOs providing aid to these populations. Other countries are also thinking to set up actions at the local level to help the refugees.

In France:

Call for donations from Sanofi employees in France

A call for donations has been launched for Sanofi employees in France to support the French Red Cross in providing medical aid for refugees, including primary, orthopedic, psychological and pediatric care.

Employee donations will be matched by the Group and completed by an exceptional 200 000€ donation.

The French Red Cross, in partnership with Samusocial of Paris, Emmaüs and France Terre d’Asile, was appointed by the French government to welcome and care for the 24,000 refugees expected to arrive in the next 24 months, mainly in the Ile de France/Paris region.

The Foundation supports long-term programs to improve access to healthcare for the most vulnerable populations by contributing to the medical programs of Médecins du Monde, the French Red Cross, Samusocial of Paris, Solipam and the Centre d’Actions Sociales Protestants (CASP), which have experienced an increase in activity in recent weeks.

The beneficiaries are mostly migrants, political refugees, families with children, unaccompanied minors and homeless people.


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