Addressing the refugee health emergency in Yemen

Via the READY fund set up by the French Red Cross, the Sanofi Espoir Foundation helps improve the living conditions of refugees in Yemen.

Areas of conflicts and airstikes

Since March 26, Yemen has been bombarded by a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia. According to the UN, about 405 civilians have been killed by the strikes, and more than 120,000 people have been displaced inside the country, in addition to 300,000 others who fled before the fighting intensified.

About 2,000 families or more than 13,000 people are now living in the governorate of Shabwah for security reasons and are facing a lack of access to food, water and basic sanitation.

The humanitarian situation is catastrophic, food resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and food prices have increased by 30% in recent months. Hospitals and health centers cannot function because of the shortage of medicines, water and oil.

Through the READY Fund, the French Red Cross provides material support to displaced persons from Shabwah by providing hygiene kits, shelter and kitchen kits. Water, food, blankets and mattresses are also distributed to families hosting refugees, as well as to schools that serve as shelters.


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