Solidarity with Guinea: Fighting Ebola

To date the Ebola outbreak has killed 8,235 people. The three hardest-hit countries are Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

In Guinea, where Sanofi has 10 employees, more than 2,800 cases have been identified and 1,814 deaths recorded.1

Under the leadership of our West African subsidiary, our employees and the Sanofi Espoir Foundation have once again demonstrated their commitment to solidarity. As part of the Solidarity Season initiative, fund-raising activities among employees, associated with different corporate endowments have reached €74,505.

This donation was presented at the headquarters of Sanofi in Paris on Friday, January 30 to the NGOs2 WAHA in the presence of Gilles Lhernould (Senior Vice President for CSR), Caty Forget (Managing Director of the Sanofi Espoir Foundation), Aboubacar Tio Touré (GM Sanofi West Africa) and Dr. Sinan Khaddaj (Secretary General of WAHA).

After thanking all the teams involved, Dr. Sinan Khaddaj said that "in addition to financial support, this is a message of hope that reflects Sanofi’s values and demonstrates that by working together in other areas than the Ebola crisis, we shall be able to help strengthen the healthcare system over the longer-term."

This financial support will help support WAHA, which is working in close collaboration with the Guinean Ministries of Health and Education and with the National Coordination for the Fight against the Ebola virus, to reach the following goals:

  1. Ensure that schools remain safe places for children by the cascade training of teachers and staff of primary schools.
  2. Contribute to reducing the spread of the virus through early detection of suspected cases.
  3. Revitalize local health care provision for children by introducing three pediatric transit centers where suspects can be isolated and where differential diagnoses can be carried out.

  1. World Health Organisation's Ebola Situation report
  2. Non Governmental Organizations

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