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The vision of the Foundation

Although therapeutic progress is constantly creating new hope, there are still endemic health inequalities. This evident disparity between the countries of North and South is also widening inside wealthier countries.

Urgency inevitably focuses on the poor. But to make an effective impact, we must improve on a piecemeal approach. We need to go beyond the symptoms and focus on the causes if we want to truly address social and personal vulnerability. This means digging down to the roots of the fragile, endangered life journeys that we encounter. And anticipating and understanding so that we can act usefully.

To reverse the inequality curve, we advocate a comprehensive approach to the individual life journeys we encounter. This covers treating, educating, housing, informing, protecting and reintegrating people. We are working to provide comprehensive and inclusive support, which is the only guarantee of a newfound autonomy that can put people back on the path towards hope. Based on both conviction and pragmatism, this approach is now being widely shared, and we are stimulating the creation of an entire ecosystem of civil society actors from private, institutional, political, and other horizons who are used to working sector by sector. We also continue to face difficult and sometimes neglected issues such as children’s cancer in poor countries or support for migrants. And everywhere we look we seek out deep and lasting collective remedies.

In line with international or national initiatives that combine different approaches and foster more integrated innovation, we are pushing back the boundaries of our action to maximize our impact. These new dynamics are creating an innovative form of more responsible and more offensive sponsorship that is stimulating both assistance and solidarity. Once again, there is greater strength in unity.


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