Stéphanie Vougier biography

Stéphanie Vougier, Head of Maternal & Neonatal Health program

After completing her PhD in biology in 2004 (Université Paris Denis Diderot) and a postdoctoral position (Queen Medical School, Nottingham, Royaume-Uni) on mechanisms of actions on neuro-degenerative pathologies and cancer in public research respectively, Stéphanie Vougier joined Sanofi R&D in 2006 as a lab head.

She developed research projects coordination skills and technological innovation knowledge in a multi-cultural and collaborative healthcare environment with public research institutes.

In 2018 Stéphanie started a part-time detachment in Sanofi Espoir Foundation to understand the health inequalities challenges for vulnerable populations in low- and middle-income countries and contribute 1 year to the My Child Matters onco-paediatric programme.

From 2019 she pursued her detachment to expand her knowledge to the maternal and neonatal health field before integrating the Foundation as programme head. Stéphanie is in charge of developing projects with a women- and needs-centered strategy aiming an impactful and sustainable improvement of maternal and newborn health in low- and middle-income countries.